College Drug Abuse who-addiction-affects

The Misuse Of Drugs In Higher Institutions

Common problems on college campuses which are noticed are binge drinking, prescription and recreational drug abuse that is popular.

Many people that abuse drugs are young people that are still in school especially in the higher institutions.

The risk of addiction is already high in young people within the age bracket of 18 to 24.

Trying to fit in socially is what lead many new students in colleges to start using drugs. Socializing is eased with the consumption of booze therefore making alcohol an attractive invitation. They don't immediately graduate to drug use or binge drinking but their new found habits predispose them to a greater risk of substance abuse.

Students who are attending college in a full-time college program are twice as likely to fall prey to this problem than the students who do not attend college.

Reasons For Drug Abuse In Colleges

The percentage of drug abusers among college students is on the higher side and is attributed to a number of factors, including the following

  • Pressure
  • Many students are unable to manage various demands, like studying, working part-time, completing their internship program, and socializing, and start using drugs to escape stress.
  • Course Work
  • Adderall is one of many stimulants that pupils take in order to stay awake and turn in their homework on time.
  • These prescription medications are usually obtained without a legitimate prescription in most cases.
  • Urge To Experiment
  • From a personal and professional perspective, pupils are placed before new phases of their lives.
  • Many students start using drugs to satisfy their curiosity about these things.
  • Social Pressure
  • Students who are part of a peer group in which many people use recreational drugs are more susceptible to use drugs.

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Eating Conditions And The Use Of Diet Pills

Students in colleges are more susceptible to eating disorders than others.

25% of all college students struggle with an eating disorder as specified by the National Institute Of Mental Health. A report revealed that the number of both males and females having unhealthy eating behaviours has increased by far in the past twenty years. Desperate to lose weight, a large number of students resort to diet pills to achieve their weight loss goals. This has the potential to cause severe health problems up to and including death. Get more info about unhealthy eating behaviours and diet tablets overuse on college campuses.

Selected Drugs On College Campuses

College pupils try any type of drug depending on the latest tendencies.

With that said, certain drugs are most commonly abused in college campuses. The examples are

  • In most of the colleges, liquor is the most abused substance.
  • It is also tricky to tell if a student is addicted to liquor or not because it is something that is used in many social events.
  • Adderall also has the nickname of being a "study drug" and this medication along with some other stimulants is increasingly becoming popular with college students who are facing the pressure to meet all their academic requirements.
  • Many students are using Marijuana as talks about legalizing it are becoming popular.
  • Other states even have campuses tallying increased use of cannabis as opposed to alcohol.
  • Ecstasy, which was very popular in the 90s, has started becoming popular in college campuses again in a more concentrated form, called molly or MDMA.
  • Students in college are within the target age range for this "party drug" that is often abused by teenagers and young adults in their 20s.
  • MDMA is widely abused at raves and gigs.

How Alcohol Affects Students

By far, alcohol is in the position of being the most popular and dangerous drug on college campuses. Alcohol is always present in all the social gatherings in the colleges.

This means that the people in these colleges will end up taking more alcohol compared to their agemates that are not in these institutions.

It is estimated 80 percent of college students use alcohol.

Nearly 50% of all students who consume alcohol have reportedly resorted to binge drinking according to a document published by the National Institute On Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism. Unmoderated alcohol drinking is not only detrimental to the drinker but also to other people in terms of troubles and violence it causes. Know about alcohol abuse among college students and the dangerous effects of alcohol on the health.

Fraternity And Sorority Drug And Alcohol Abuse

Drinking and overuse in the Greek system is more widespread than it is among pupils outside the system despite fraternities and sororities trying to form a familiar surrounding for college students to attain academic and philanthropic goals.

Adderall is one of the drugs that the students in these systems take more.

Getting Help For Drug Or Alcohol Dependency

If you or someone you know in campus is overtly showing signs of any of the aforementioned abuse, take urgent action to ask for help. Our addiction specialists can get you in touch with caring and experienced counsellors to help you overcome this problem. Time to get in contact with us on 0800 772 3971 to break free from the addiction of alcohol and drug abuse.