Speed Addiction and Abuse in Plymouth Devon

Getting To Know Speed In Plymouth

Speed refers to amphetamine sulphate drug in Class B in the street. At times speed is used to refer to other kinds of amphetamines.

Speed is a stimulant and is used by people to avoid sleep, for vigour and to maintain vigilance.

Speed is also taken for other reasons like

  • Feeling 'up', energetic and tending to talk a lot.
  • It is used because it energises people to be active participants in several activities for a very long period without exhaustion; dancing, engaging in conversations and going out are some of such activities.
  • People taking speed are often observed to be overly active and energetic.
  • The heightened emotions are typically succeeded by a gradual decline that makes one irritable and gloomy.
  • Speed causes strain on the heart thus one risks heart problems - and it has resulted to deaths if taken in high quantities.

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What Are The Consequences Of Speed To The People In Plymouth Who Use The Substance?

Causes feelings of intense highness, increased energy and alertness but is also associated with agitation and aggressiveness feelings in users.

It can also have other consequences

  • Introverts can talk and lose their inhibitions when taking speed.
  • Clubbers use it because it enables them dance without exhaustion
  • The ability of amphetamines to curb hunger caused to be used as an ingredient in slimming pills sometime back.
  • Some people become testy, fearful and even delusional when taking speed.

The Associated Dangers From Taking Speed Drug Abuse Plymouth

Speed use comes about with some risks.

The following includes some of what the drug could do to you

  • Based on the quantity you consume, taking a nap or unwinding or could be an onerous task.
  • The comedown can lead users to feeling really unenergetic and down and persists for a couple of days and could possibly cause concentration and learning difficulties.
  • Those already with heart problems or hypertension should not take speed as it pressurizes the heart - It is known to have killed many users this way.
  • The infamously dangerous and fatal combination of speed with alcohol and antidepressants.
  • Your immune system can be subjected to strong attacks if you take high doses of speed that affects diet and sleep - this could be in form of more sore throats, colds and flu. Speed can leave one feeling anxious, irritable, depressed, paranoid and aggressive and mental disorders like intense psychotic episodes ( which is a mental state characterised by hearing and seeing things that don't exist and hallucinations)
  • Speed injection in particular is very dangerous.
  • Overdose occurs quickly with infusions.
  • Speed is mostly a concoction of many substances so what goes into your body is not clean.
  • Using needles has been known to cause the veins and arteries to block, cause sores and sometimes result in parts of the body dying and rotting.
  • During injection especially when sharing injection equipment such as syringes and needles, user's risk spreading HIV/AIDS and viral hepatitis infections.