Legal Highs Addiction and Abuse in Plymouth Devon

New psychoactive substances- commonly referred to by the improper name legal highs - comprises chemical substances(s) that lead to effects same as those of hard illegal drugs (such as cannabis, cocaine and ecstasy).

These supposed legal highs were legal in the past years, but now they are illegal. And it's necessary to understand that when the Psychoactive Substances Act comes into action in spring 2016, none of these drugs will be lawful to produce, deliver, or import (even for personal use) for human consumption. New psychoactive substances may seem like an ungainly term, however it's more precise than lawful highs. For the purpose of easy identification and being the more popular term, we will be using legal highs throughout the articles in this series. But they're all illicit when the new law comes into effect.

The knowledge on majority of the drugs is scarce which has hindered knowing exactly how they affect people, their potential strength or what they will result to when consumed with alcohol or other substances 'You may find the ingredients listed on the package but can't be certain that they accurately describe what's inside. So you can't generally make certain what you've purchased or been given, or what impact it's probably going to have on you or your companions. Numerous NPS are sold under brand names such as 'Clockwork Orange', 'Bliss', 'Mary Jane' etc. and cases of poisoning, emergency room visits and death due to these drugs are not uncommon anymore.

The Effects Of New Found Psychoactive Drugs In Plymouth

The following four main categories can be used to describe the main effects of almost all psychoactive drugs.

Those in the same class have different effects by have different strengths and will affect individuals differently.

Stimulants In Plymouth

(like naphyrone, mephedrone) act like ecstasy, cocaine, or amphetamines, in that they can make you feel fast-thinking, physically active, energized, very chatty and euphoric.

Downers Or Sedatives In Plymouth

(like GBL/GBH, methoxetamine) act similarly to benzodiazepines (drugs like Valium or diazepam), or GBL/GHB, in that they can make you feel relaxed, euphoric or sleepy.

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Psychedelics And Hallucinogens In Plymouth

(Example NBOMe drugs) act similarly to methoxetamine, LSD, ketamine and magic mushrooms.

Being a hallucinogen, it creates an altered perception making the person experiencing it detached from the real world.

Synthetic Cannabinoids In Plymouth

Some legal high samples are spice and black mamba that are supposed alternatives to cannabis.

Although different in chemical composition, it is claimed to bring the same effects of cannabis that include changes in mood, perception and consciousness.