Ketamine Addiction and Abuse in Plymouth Devon

Addicts And Abusers Of Ketamine

Addicted To Ketamine

Ketamine causes hallucinations and is a common party drug which young adults abuse. For human beings and animals, it is also used as anaesthetic.

Ketamine addicts show detachment from people and things around them and find it impossible to live a normal life.

People's behaviour turns irregular, lose coordination while speaking and are unable to have normal personal interactions at this point.

Ketamine addiction indications are as follows

It is hard to overcome Ketamine addiction without help from an expert. Sadly, when anyone wants to avoid using these drugs, the chemical changes in the brain resist to do that.

  • Enhanced usage
  • Over eagerness to use again
  • Paying more money
  • Forgetting obligations
  • Requiring higher doses due to tolerance
  • Neglecting relationships

With expert help, anyone can recover from Ketamine abuse. To start to regularise dependent peoples' minds, having adequate medical care is the first step to overthrow the brain's chemical imbalance.

What Is Ketamine

Although it has been regularly abused for recreational purposes, Ketamine which also goes by names such as Special K, Kit Kat, Dorothy and Vitamin K is actually an anaesthetic intended for animals. Young adults in clubs and parties are the most frequent abusers.

Ketamine belongs to the category of schedule III drugs, the same class of the drug to which Anabolic steroids and Codeine belong.

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Drugs under schedule III category are likely to result into physical addiction; however, they can also cause mental addiction.

Ketamine results into a short-term high and the substance's tolerance develops faster, which requires the victim to increase their intake to maintain the initial level.

Acquiring this drug without a valid prescription is illegal.

Produced in liquid form, Ketamine can be used as an injection; as an off-white or white powder, snorted; or it can also be used as a pill. It is notorious for its use as a predator drug as it has no smell or colour, is impossible to notice it in a beverage, and temporarily disables a person.

Effects Of Abusing Ketamine

Ketamine creates a feeling of total relaxation because its a dissociative hallucinogenic tranquilizer which causes a full body buzz. Normally, the state of feeling high holds on for only an hour. Ketamine can also cause what is known as the K-hole which has been described as an out-of-body experience, and this is most commonly seen when high doses of the drug are introduced intravenously.

Sedative effects of the drug can result in serious danger for users of this drug because of a numb feeling.

its not easy to tell how much of the drug will be too much since the drug is known to be unpredictable. At times, Ketamine overdose can occur after one has taken a small quantity, especially if they have been indulging in other substances or drinking alcohol. Total paralysis of the body can happen because of its sedative function. A Ketamine overdose can damage the respiratory system which results in death of the user.

Regular Ketamine Drug Mixtures

Adverse effects of Ketamine will increase considerably if it is mixed with other abused drugs. Versatile presentations of Ketamine make it easy to add to other abuse drugs as alcohol, marijuana or psychedelics. Ketamine is a depressant so mixing it with other depressants such as alcohol makes it much more hazardous.

Taking Ketamine along with other depressants might see the heart rate or respiratory function reduced fatally.

In powdered form, Ketamine is mixed with other drugs available in the same form, like ecstasy, and the user takes the combination as a capsule or pill. Ecstasy has a stimulating effect while Ketamine has the opposite effect so the combination is very dangerous to the body. Other psychedelics including DMT and LSD are some of the drugs that are normally used alongside Ketamine.