Heroin Addiction Symptoms and Warning Signs in Plymouth Devon

What Are The Signs Of Heroin Use?

The most dangerous of any drug are the side effect of heroin addiction. You could be the difference between life and death when by finding out whether or not someone is addicted to heroin

One of the most enslaving drugs around is heroine. While nobody intentionally becomes a heroin addict, many heroin users eventually find themselves totally dependent on it.

Telling whether a particular individual is using heroin can be quite a challenge, most of the users have perfected the art of hiding such information. Although you could rely on track or needle marks to prove heroin abuse, it is uncommon for new heroin abusers to use injections.

Heroin users may show other signs such as

  • Having bloodshot eyes
  • Constricted "pinpoint" pupils
  • Rapid weight loss
  • Enigmatic conduct
  • Their appearance may start to change
  • No enthusiasm
  • Extreme drowsiness or nodding off
  • Financial constraints, a tendency to borrow money

The Dangers Of Heroin

Many people are cognizant with the fact that heroin is the most fierce drug due to its highly addictive nature. Heroin can indirectly cause death besides its short lived or lasting consequences.

HIV or hepatitis are sicknesses that heroin abusers are most likely to get.

People who are addicted to heroin often inject the drug and share their needles pose a risk of blood-borne viruses. Viruses can also easily spread from a heroin user to another with a promiscuous sex habit. Furthermore, the risk of spontaneous abortion is manifold amongst pregnant heroin users.

Increased risk of attempting suicide for people who are addicted to heroin. Intentional overdoses are not uncommon among those who have become suicidal. It has been shown that users who have an underlying mental illness, for instance depression or bipolar disorders, usually have a compounded risk of taking their own lives.

Trying to kill oneself can be a direct consequence with the unhappiness that originates from removal. In case you are victim or you know someone who is struggling with heroin abuse, contact us today to get aid.

Other heroin addiction symptoms include

  • Feelings depressed
  • Paranoid
  • Itchy skin
  • Unable to clear bowels
  • Asthmatic symptoms
  • Having a dry mouth
  • Sluggish talking
  • Damaged veins
  • Experiencing nausea as well as vomiting

As time goes by, the symptoms of heroin use get progressively worse A prolonged period of use, could potentially lead to a destruction of the immune system as well as the internal organs. Both communicable and noncommunicable diseases risk increases. The heart, liver and lungs of the heroin user are also likely to suffer from various afflictions.

It is easy to die from a heroin overdose since the drug reduces the rate of breathing and slows down the heart. What is worse is that even just a nonfatal overdose could lead to irreversible brain damage or coma.

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Recognizing A Heroin Addiction

Heroin has psychological and physical addictive aspects and hence, simple experimentation can easily develop into complete dependence. 11 signs that are indicative of an addiction to heroin is outlined by Diagnostic and Statistical Manual. These signs include using heroin in quantities above the intended, developing dependence, and continued use in full knowledge of its detrimental effects. The dependence is deemed as stronger depending on the more signs a heroin addict has.

Many addicts get medication for heroin yearly and the choices of cure accessible to support people into beating this devil are numerous.

Heroin has physically and psychologically addictive traits, trying it out for fun could lead to a rapid addiction to it.

Dealing With A Heroin Issue

It is very rare for a heroin addict to willingly admit their addiction and even harder for such a person to seek treatment. Those in the initial stages of heroin addiction, usually have not yet appreciated the need for treatment of their mild addiction. Users that have attempted giving up heroin in many occasions and don't find a way out, they are possibly very dependent. For both cases, coming up with an appropriate intervention could be the best way to get them out of this addiction.

Withdrawal And Treatment

The physical dependence that develops with abuse is especially characterised by heroin addiction. Removal effects and a craving for bigger quantities of heroin to feel high are indications of physical addiction.

Quite different from drugs that don't lead to physical addiction (for instance Cocaine and marijuana), heroin addiction is associated with withdrawal effects that could result in extreme physical pain and this develops so fast, about two hours from when one last used the drug. One could also experience psychological symptoms of heroin withdrawal

Apart from feeling depressed, a person who is giving up heroin may experience, cold sweats and muscle pain too.

These kind of symptoms are usually experienced for about a week from when one last used the drug, but the residual symptoms could be experienced for months. The help of a professional treatment centre and medication to safely manage heroin withdrawal is often needed. A person seeking help form a treatment centre will also get support and therapy in a safe and opulent environment. If you are suffering from Heroin addiction, you should try to find a rehabilitation centre near you.