Codeine Addiction and Abuse in Plymouth Devon

More About Codeine

Codeine is used to treat mild to moderate pain as a prescription painkiller. Codeine comes in the form of a tablet and is the main ingredient in prescription grade cough suppressants. Tylenol 3 is a combination of Codeine and acetaminophen, and is another popular pain reliever. Many people around the world are addicted to Codeine nowadays, and even when it's effects are no as hard as other drugs like Morphine, it is dangerous. Regardless of the straightforwardness with which Codeine can be obtained and the medication's glamorization in mainstream culture, it is still a conceivably fatal medication that can make lives get out of control.

Codeine can be considered as a narcotic because it belongs to the group of opiate. Other names of opiates include oxycodone, heroin and Morphine. Codeine also goes by the names Cough syrup, Schoolboy, Coties and T-three's.

Effects Of Abusing Codeine

Codeine use mostly starts with a prescription for a Codeine-based cough syrup. It is no hard to get Codeine because the regulations are no so strict unlike other opiates that are considered dangerous like Morphine and OxyContin. Many Codeine user's develop a habit of using the drug to deal with all of their physical pain and eventually their emotional pain as well. If you or a loved one is suffering from a Codeine problem, get assistance now.

Codeine can cause the same reactions that Morphine, even when it is no as strong.

Codeine produces reactions such as

  • Excitement
  • Apathy
  • Drowsiness
  • Ease

Despite the fact that some people consider Codeine to be nontoxic, drowsiness, constipation, loss of sight and even respiratory failure are among the side effects. Codeine can even be fatal if taken in large doses.

Depending On Codeine

Continued abuse of Codeine in its cough medicine or tablet form may develop the addiction to this drug. Many people don't realize just how powerful and addictive Codeine can be and they fall into an imaginary safe world of using Codeine instead of other opiates.

user's of Codeine can become more tolerant to it every time they use it until the point to create a need of it, a feature of all the opiates. Though the use of Codeine may have started innocently as a relief for a real pain, continued use may end in dependency.

Codeine is the drug people usually start with before they move to Morphine or even Heroin.

Many people go past using Codeine. To maximize their feeling of high user's sometimes mix it with other substances and/or alcohol. Central nervous system depression is caused by both Codeine and alcohol, and their combination can lead to severe levels of depression in the brain and respiratory system. Discover the criteria of detecting Codeine dependence today.

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Codeine Plus Other Drugs

Many drug dependencies can begin with the use of Codeine and lead to more. Oxycodone and Morphine are two drugs that can be the result of starting consuming Codeine.

At the moment of talking to a medic, it is relevant to be honest, because the treatment for quitting drugs can be different depending on the combination of substances the person consumes. There will be a suitable treatment for whatever it is you are addicted to.

Purple Drank

Codeine cough syrup is used in the production of "purple drank". Prescription-grade (Codeine) cough syrup combined with soft drinks or mountain dew forms "purple drank", which usually intended for consumption in large doses. It can also be known as lean, syrup and sizzurp.

Purple drank has been disturbingly hyped in popular culture, being referenced throughout several songs and TV shows. Artists like Lil' Wayne and Three 6 Mafia have helped to glorify it in their songs.

On March 2013, the rapper Lil' Wayne was admitted to the intensive care unit due to Codeine abuse that caused him seizures and unconsciousness. He survived but was in critical condition, and to remove the drug from his system his stomach was pumped three times.

Overcoming An Addiction To Codeine

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