Cocaine Addiction Symptoms and Warning Signs in Plymouth Devon

Signs Of Cocaine Abuse

It is not easy to recognize a Cocaine dependency for an ordinary person. Getting help can be easier if you can distinguish the signs of addiction.

Cocaine is a very dangerous and addictive drug and it comes in a form of white powder. Some people may underestimate the effect of Cocaine on the first try and that the addiction get escalated really quickly and it can cause death.

If users keep on consuming drugs regularly, it may also harm their mental health. Users may feel depressed and have violent behaviour and it gives a very bad effect to the nasal cavity as well. Acting on a case sooner makes the difference in saving your loved one from the perils of Cocaine abuse.

There may be some closest people around you who are struggling with Cocaine addiction right now and by knowing the symptoms of the addiction, you can immediately help them.

The Dangers Of Cocaine Abuse

In addition to being highly addictive, Cocaine exposes the user to other health dangers. There are two kinds of effect which is caused by Cocaine, they are short term effect and long term effect and range from overdose, organ failure, even death. One of the consequences of Cocaine use is dangerous blood pressure since Cocaine narrows blood vessels.

Easily recognisable physical and behavioural signs of Cocaine use

  • Their pupil will dilate
  • Insomnia
  • Decreased appetite
  • Extremely confident
  • Too excited
  • Suspicious
  • Increased mucous production

A lot of harm is inflicted to the septum and nasal cavity when Cocaine is snorted. You can only get about 30 minutes of euphoria from Cocaine, which is relatively short when contrasted with other illicit drugs. Cocaine gives the user feelings of alertness, focused attention, talkativeness, and excitement when taken in tiny amounts.

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The larger the amount, the greater the danger it poses. Bleeding nose, strokes, heart attacks and violent behaviour are some of the risks that come with bigger doses.

Cocaine abuse may be categorised from mild to serious. Work problems and damaged personal relations are some of the measurements used in this scale, among other negative effects Cocaine inflicts on a person that uses it.

These are the general effects of Cocaine abuse

How long one has abused cocaine, how often and how much cocaine one has abused determines how intense the long term consequences are. All the body systems fail due to cocaine use in the long run.

  • Pounding Head
  • Increased blood pressure
  • Vomiting
  • Inability to sleep
  • Comatose
  • shivers
  • Confusion
  • Sweating
  • Spasms

Abuse and addiction are different things even though they are on the same path. Even though Cocaine causes intense negative effects on users' body, some Cocaine addicts can quit the addiction by themselves. That is however far from the truth when it comes to dependence.

Confronting The Cocaine User

Once you recognize the Cocaine addiction symptoms, the very next step is to get help right away so do not delay in getting help because the effect of Cocaine just gets worse over the time. Rejecting any form of professional assistance or refusing that they have a dependency is what most people with a Cocaine problem do.

The best way to make the addicts realize their addiction is by setting up an intervention.

Conducting them in a safe and supportive atmosphere is how interventions can be the successful. The addicted person's comprehension of your honest need to assist them is very vital to the success of their success.

Withdrawal From Cocaine Treatment And Next Steps

The 'high' of cocaine is full of pleasant feelings. When Cocaine is being consumed, right at that moment the brain function in releasing normal amount of dopamine is destroyed. Hence biologically one feels just fine.

Withdrawal usually take its toll on the psychological aspect of the user causing them to suffer depression and/or fatigue in the process.

Quitting Cocaine is not dangerous. It does not need medical detox as well. To raise the probability of withdrawal, it is best to seek assistance for them, whether it is a support group, medical facility, or counselling. There are treatment procedures that prove to be very effective in battling cravings and achieving sobriety. Get Cocaine addicts the help they need today.