Cocaine Addiction and Abuse in Plymouth Devon

What Is Cocaine

Feelings of intense happiness and alertness (just like caffeine) can be induced by a drug called Cocaine. Due to it's high price, Cocaine is commonly known as the rich man's drug, and it is also highly addictive.

Cocaine comes in a form of white powder and this drug works when in contact with body's central nervous system and is used to produce a lot of energy to your body and euphoria in your mind. It can be introduced to the body by snorting (powder), smoking (crystal), and injection (diluted/liquid). Coke, powder and blow are some of the aliases of Cocaine. Many people know the risk of Cocaine even before using it, however, people are still addicted to it regardless the risks it will bring.

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Every day around 1,800 Americans will try Cocaine for the first time in their lives.

Cocaine Effects And Abuse

Since it is not a legal drug, any usage of Cocaine is regarded as misuse. The reason people are extremely happy when they take Cocaine is because it hikes the production of neurochemicals that induce happiness in the brain. To feel the effects for a longer time, most addicts will regularly use Cocaine as it is less likely to cause an overdose when sniffed as compared to using needles.

These are the effects of consuming Cocaine

  • loquaciousness
  • Euphoria
  • Awareness
  • Uneasiness
  • Bloated self-esteem

These influences on the body however have a timeline which is determined by the method by which the drug way taken. Snorting the powder is observed to last the longest clocked at 30 minutes. By smoking or injecting Cocaine, the effect will be strong on users, but it will only last for 5 - 10 minutes.

The sort after feeling of euphoria however takes a toil on your blood pump which could lead to heart failure and inevitable death. Cocaine users need rehabilitation as soon as possible.

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Getting Hooked To Cocaine

Dependence to Cocaine is hard to spot. The main symptoms of Cocaine addiction is knowing that it is dangerous and life threatening, yet can not stop consuming it. Drug addiction is often considered as chemical dependency but it is said that the psychological aspect is the hardest to beat. It is very difficult to quit once a person develops a Cocaine dependency.

People that use Cocaine often must use it so they can feel content, which means that they now have an addiction. Tolerance will occur at the point when a person becomes addicted, as well as symptoms of withdrawal when that person quits using Cocaine. The reason for this is because the brain's reward process changes due to the fact that Cocaine enhances the level of dopamine in it extremely. Most addicts need rehabilitative or therapeutic treatment in order to kick the habit, while others have enough willpower to stop abusing it by themselves.

Cocaine And Other Drugs

It was observed that Cocaine is often used with other recreational drugs. It is also highly likely that Cocaine addiction develops with other substance abuse like cannabis (marijuana) or alcohol. Being addicted to more than 1 substance is called poly-drug and this condition is very dangerous as it increases the risk of overdose.

Alcohol could distract cocaine users because both of them are commonly consumed together, so, it is said that alcohol can distract the Cocaine users' addiction into it. In such instances, in order to successfully rehabilitate one must keep away from both. The other highly addictive polydrug use is speedball, where Cocaine is combined with heroin that brings high to another level.

Cocaine And The Rising Statistical Figures

Compared to other illegal drugs, Cocaine is responsible for a majority of all the emergency room related incidences of drug abuse. Other substances are also found in the system of 68 percent of the people that are admitted due to Cocaine overdose.

Cocaine Dependency Treatment

Cocaine abuse may be very challenging to overcome. Even so, there are many helpful resources and/or organizations to help drug users who want to be free from their addiction. Act now and discover your road to a sobriety from Cocaine dependency today.