Cannabis Addiction Symptoms and Warning Signs in Plymouth Devon

Cannabis Abuse Signs

Although Cannabis addiction poses no serious health risks compared to other addictions, however the user can still develop problems in their lives. With helps of these signs you can identify Cannabis addiction in someone close to you. It is not yet properly understood how using Cannabis for an extended period can psychologically affect a person. An increase in the occurrence of mental health problems such as depression, schizophrenia and anxiety has been hinted at by some studies on Cannabis addiction.

Among the signs and symptoms of Cannabis use we can find

  • Redness of the eyes
  • Increased Appetite
  • Lack of Inspiration
  • Increase in weight
  • Extreme nervousness
  • Impaired coordination
  • Slowed reaction

Hazards Of Cannabis

To many Americans, the use of Cannabis is as normal as the occasional intake of alcohol. Recreational use of Cannabis has even been legalized in several states.

This however shouldn't be taken as an endorsement that the drug has no negative effects. Nevertheless, the effects of Cannabis on learning are yet to be fully understood It has not been scientifically proven if Cannabis causes harmful effects in people over 18 years of age, but the same cannot be said about young adults.

A person's ability to retain new memories and their short term memory is usually impaired by Cannabis use.

Immediate Side Effects Of Chronic Cannabis Use

Cannabis does not produce fatal side effects, especially in the short-term, but the use of it puts you at a greater risk. According to statistics by United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime, cases of Cannabis-related emergencies went up by 59% between 2006 and 2010. There are however certain effects that can still be connected to the use of the drug. It has been noted that often Cannabis users need the drug to feel normal.

Other Cannabis side effects are

  • Paranoia
  • Food Cravings
  • Fear
  • High heart rate
  • Poor motor function
  • Weakened thinking

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Effects Of Using Cannabis In The Long Term

Compared to other drugs, Cannabis doesn't cause as much damage in the long run. These are some lasting impacts of Cannabis use

  • Mood changes
  • Lung infections
  • Panic attacks
  • Learning Impairment
  • Inhibited psychological growth
  • Loss of Memory

The Effects On Teenagers

The dangers of lasting Cannabis drug were studied at Duke University. There was a noted decrease in IQ by 8 points among the regular Cannabis smokers in the group of 1037 people who participated in the study. However it was noted that this is not the only factor that may have affect IQ differences.

Identifying Cannabis Abuse

The main symbol of a Cannabis obsession is an unquenchable desire to use the Cannabis drug ignoring the negative consequences. Among these behaviours we find spending more money on the drug and using it in inappropriate places.

Clinical signs of Cannabis abuse are developing tolerance and seeing Cannabis abuse as more important than fulfilling personal, occupational, and social responsibilities. Learn more about diagnosing Cannabis addictions.

Cannabis Addiction Intervention

An intervention can provide an addict with the motivation to stop using the drug and this could be important if the use of the drug is preventing them from leading a healthy life. Many Cannabis addicts have failed to seek help because they don't always believe that they are addicted. Cannabis is an obsession, it also causes harmful effects on health, this is the reality which you can present in the intervention time. Similarly, parents of teenagers who abuse the drug can use interventions as a weapon against their child's addictions. Get more knowledge on staging an intervention.

Cannabis Withdrawal Symptoms And Steps For Recovery

There have been withdrawal symptoms reported by people who have attempted to stop using Cannabis after using the drug for many years. The possible indication of Cannabis withdrawal is not physical unlike other drugs heroin or liquor.

Short-temper, sleeplessness, hunger and nervousness are the indications when an habitual Cannabis user stop taking the drug cold-turkey.

Consumers can be taught how to overcome the psychological hurdles of stopping the use of Cannabis by simply getting medication. Support groups can be comforting while a counsellor can help you to get through the particularly challenging moments. If you know someone who might need our help, give us a call, we can help you.